Under your authorization we will perform independent audit of the company, we will manage the accounting of your company, analysis of the economic indicators, and we will provide consultations on accounting and tax issues. Knowing the conclusions prepared by us or having received the consultations provided, you will be able to make notified decisions, concerning the future perspectives of the company.

Course of Works

Usually cooperation starts with the a certain branch of economy, regulation and other external factors, which have influence upon the activity of the customer, understanding; type of the company as well as the understanding of the chosen accounting policy; understanding of the objectives and strategies as well as related business risks; understanding of internal control; understanding about the evaluation and monitoring of the financial results of the company.

Having evaluated everything a contract is concluded, in which the works are described, which will be entrusted by you to our company.

Under the request of the customers the services can be provided to the customer at a place and time convenient to him.

Work principles

Our employees are qualified specialists of the respective sphere, who have experience in working with companies of various specializations. We have insured our activity under civil insurance in BTA insurance company, therefore, we are completely responsible for our work and we guarantee faultless quality of the services. We work following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and provisions of the professional code of ethics; therefore, we guarantee complete confidentiality.