Legal Services

Every day your business will inevitably encounter various legal aspects of the organization of activity. Head of the enterprise must employ workers to make deals, to organize daily activities. Successful managers is important to cherish the time, and one way to do it – to entrust the solution of complex legal issues experts. UAB “Vakar? auditas ir apskaita” offers to become your long-term partner and provide legal services in the following areas:

Advice on all matters of labor law

  • Drafting of contracts with employees: labor, liability, confidentiality, non-competition, as well as the evaluation and modification of existing contracts.
  • Reception staff at work, dismissal, assignment of disciplinary sanctions, the provision of and payment for vacation, the use of flexible forms of employment.

Contractual relationship

  • Preparation of new contracts with suppliers and customers, as well as monitor the implementation of the already signed contracts (loans, leasing, lease, sublease, pledge, sale and others.).

Representing your company

  • Representing the company in the courts, as well as various public and private institutions. Preparation of complaints, claims, applications, claims, reviews of claims rejoinder and surrejoinder.


  • Preparation of documents for the bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals (for trial, and others. Institutions).

Consultations on legal issues of joint stock companies

  • Advising companies on legal issues daily activities of the company and consultation for the preparation of statutory documents, contracts and rights of shareholders, the company’s management, the responsibility of the governing bodies and other issues.

Common areas of law:

Tax law

We advise clients on all tax issues, we estimate the possible tax consequences and risks of activities, prepare requests administrator taxes represent clients during tax audits, tax litigation at the commission on tax disputes and the courts, preparing all the necessary documents on tax disputes.

Employment law

We advise on the formulation, modification, termination of individual and collective labor contracts, prepare the rules of labor procedure and job descriptions, contracts of liability, non-competition, trade secrecy, as well as others related to the legal aspects of labor relations, contracts and documents that represent your interests in labor disputes during the pre-trial stage and the court.

Contract law

We provide legal assistance in the conclusion of various contracts (loans, leasing, lease, sublease, pledge, sale and others.). We appreciate the agreement or their projects.

Family law

We offer a wide range of legal services in the field of family law: prepare a prenuptial agreement, advise the couple on their property and other rights of children from each other, adoption and others.

Inheritance law

We provide advice on inheritance, advise and represent your interests taking legacy and shaping inheritance, represent the interests in court in the event of a dispute in the process of succession (in Vol. H. Contesting the legality of the will).

Administrative law

We represent your interests in cases of administrative violations of law for the abolition of administrative punishment, is of interest in cases of unlawful, unjustified actions, decisions and / or omissions of state and local government institutions.

Criminal law

Services in this area include the protection of suspects and accused persons, representing the interests of victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants, preparation of agreements on compensation for damages, as well as the reconciliation agreement and other necessary documents.

Protection and representation of interests include the provision of services both in court and in the police and other institutions. In addition, we prepare documents for private prosecution, lawsuits, appeals and appeals. In criminal cases and represent the interests of legal entities.

We represent clients in civil, administrative and criminal cases in all instances

The list of services is not final. Depending on customer needs and the specific legal relationship and provide other legal services.

In his work is based on the latest amendments to the laws and the established judicial practice and analyze emerging in today’s court convictions, so you can be sure that you get a reliable and high-quality legal services.

Pluses of ordering the legal services we are clear -

  • You will avoid the costs of searching for a lawyer, job creation and its subsequent contents
  • You will not have problems in the event of illness or vacation lawyer, payment of his severance pay and not have to worry about increasing his qualifications
  • You will receive comprehensive, quality and timely legal advice on pressing issues you
  • You can choose the method of payment for legal services that best matches your needs and working environment
  • You have the right at any time to terminate the contract by notifying in writing