By entrusting the audit of your company you will save up time and labor energy, because we will verify the internal control system of your company and will carry out all the compulsory tests, which are necessary seeking to ensure whether there are no material mistakes in the financial reports.

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that for suitable execution of the documents in the registers, protection of the assets, the heads of the companies are responsible for the accuracy and the correctness of the financial reports.

We offer the following scope of works:

  • analysis of the annual financial accountability
  • analysis of the management and reports of the general meeting of the shareholders
  • special confirmation, participation in other companies
  • evaluation of the possible risk
  • analysis of the product order – purchase sphere
  • analysis of the payment sphere
  • analysis of the finance sphere
  • analysis of the resource sphere
  • analysis of the sales sphere
  • analysis of the solvency sphere
  • analysis of the tax sphere
  • summary report analysis
  • analysis of the account closing sphere
  • various tests

This list confirms that the services will be provided in accordance with the order submitted by your company and the provisions of the concluded contract. We can carry out the works in stages, in accordance with the request of the customer and following the concluded contract.